September 11, 2012

Where's Being Mom{me}...?

Where am I???

Right HERE!!! Blogging from my iPhone.

A little bit about me...I am not what you would call a patient person {at all}!  And I believe that I am currently being taught a lesson in patience.

My mind has been crazy busy with so many creative thoughts, ideas, projects, and more.  There are so many things I want to be doing, making, and blogging about.

BUT...I am currently out of "commission" with a computer until tomorrow or Thursday.  And have been sewing machine-less until today while mine was at the "Sewing Machine Doctor".

So...please stand by as my patience is tested {as it is not very easy or convenient to post from an iPhone and don't have the ability to add the pics from my camera}.

I hope you're having an awesome fall week!  See you soon!!!



  1. Congrats on being the spotlight blogger on the hop this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week. :)

  2. So sad! I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Thanks for stopping by True Aim!

  3. I hope you get your computer back soon!

  4. Blogging on your phone...impressive!!

  5. Hi there! I found you on the Blog Hop and I'm now a new follower. I'd love a follow back at and Pinterest. I follow all my Pinterest followers :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by {I just linked up to you}!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in the blog hop. I'm happily following you back.:)