August 15, 2012

Kitchen Projects {window treatments first}

In the kitchen I see many things...{projects}!

I've mentioned before, we are temporarily renting a home from our good friend.  I have free reign to paint or do whatever I want throughout the house {the only requirement is the woodwork stays white}. However, I just don't want to be sinking too much time, effort, and money into it.

We've been here {in our house} for over eight months now.  One of the first things I knew I wanted to "touch-up" was the kitchen.  Sadly, I just haven't gotten around to it...until now.

Here is a small "glimpse" of what I'm working with {decor wise}...
{sorry, bad pic, I know}

It's OK {for some}.  It's just really not my "style".  Every time that I would look at these curtains, I would think of a children's book my children used to love getting from the library, Pizza Pat.

I found a "cheerful" fabric at JoAnn Fabric for a steal of a deal {over three months ago}, and finally got around to making the curtain replacements the other day.

our too small for six people eat in kitchen...{complete with the faux pas ceiling fan}...

OK, I still have the window over the sink to do, but luckly these are so quick and simple to make that I should have no problem getting it done...except that our schedule has suddenly become incredibly busy!

I'm also working on some artwork to "fill in" the walls, and some other decor.  Already it feels much more "fresh" with the window changes.

It feels so great to be getting stuff done.  What are you working on?  Where are you linking up?



  1. Love that fabric, Rhiannon. What zest it adds to your kitchen!

  2. Thanks. It's definitely a bit better. I want to repaint more than anything but this is going to have to do!