June 18, 2012

Life List {100 things}

Do you have a life list? It's kind of like a bucket list but not so morbid sounding...more like life goals. The list can be attainable, achievable, far fetched, or beyond your wildest dreams.
I didn't have one until now. Here's how mine came about...{bear with me as my mind and thought process sometimes work more like a pin ball machine or the "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" story}.

As I was driving home from dropping the two big kids at day camp the other day, the weather {dark clouds} had me thinking I wouldn't be able to go for a jog when I got home {I just VERY recently started jogging}.

THAT got me thinking about how I want to keep this jogging/running thing up and not allow it to be a quick "fad" with me.

WHICH had me remembering that back when I was 25 I stated I wanted to run a marathon by the age of 30. ***newsflash...it didn't happen! I did however have three kids by 30, so that's kind of comparable to a marathon, right?

THAT had me wondering what other "goals" or dreams I have had but have just forgotten about.

Crickets...I was drawing a blank and couldn't really think of any. I knew I should have some {or should I say I want to have goals and dreams}.

So THAT is how I got to this list that I am openly sharing with you today.  I didn't just "whip" this up in a matter of minutes.  This took time {days} to write and am certain I will have more to add to it.

This is MY list {ridiculous or not we're all different}. I'd love for you to share a couple of your wildest goals or dreams!
  1. run a marathon
  2. spend three weeks visiting my best friend in Australia
  3. live on a tropical island
  4. design a bridal boutique
  5. sell my design for a children's bookstore (see said design come to life)
  6. sew myself a swimsuit (that I like when all is said and done)
  7. get back into shape/physically fit
  8. start a blog  {started!}
  9. have 10,000 blog followers
  10. be asked to be a guest blogger
  11. take my family to Disney World
  12. write and illustrate a children's book
  13. design and own a children's boutique
  14. swim along side a whale
  15. be a contestant on wheel of fortune
  16. win a boat
  17. serve on a mission with my family
  18. serve on a mission (without my family)
  19. spend a summer in Italy
  20. watch my children grow old and happy
  21. raise kind, loving, respectable children
  22. fly an airplane again
  23. go on a hot air balloon ride
  24. vacation in Fiji
  25. live in New York city
  26. own an ocean front east coast home
  27. host an ultimate 80's party
  28. host a 20's/flapper themed party
  29. learn to play the piano
  30. learn to speak fluent French
  31. learn to speak fluent Spanish
  32. design a piece of clothing and have it worn by a celebrity on the red carpet
  33. walk in the rain on the streets of Paris
  34. visit Ireland
  35. go to a weekend spa retreat
  36. spend an entire weekend alone praying, reflecting, meditating
  37. teach a painting class
  38. learn to bake and decorate extravagant cakes
  39. swim under/near a huge natural waterfall
  40. learn to take amazing photos (no Photo Shop required)
  41. make enough money to retire my husband at a young age
  42. throw a huge surprise birthday for my husband
  43. spend a summer in Cape Cod
  44. refinish and sell pieces of furniture
  45. shamelessly have a nanny one day a week so that I could craft and sew
  46. design a wedding dress and have it worn by a bride
  47. renew my vows to my hubby on a beach
  48. have a New Foundland dog as a pet
  49. own a convertible
  50. speak to thousands of people at a conference or event
  51. take a road trip/drive the Route 66
  52. be a guest on a tv show
  53. have lunch with Princess Kate
  54. spend a Christmas in a private lodge on a snowy Colorado mountain
  55. live in a historic, quaint small town
  56. celebrate New Year's at Times Square
  57. dance with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes
  58. attend the Kentucky Derby {extravagant hat and all}
  59. own horses
  60. boat down the entire Mississippi River
  61. get a small, very discrete tattoo
  62. visit Dubai
  63. learn to cook really awesome healthy meals the whole family loves
  64. grow a large vegetable and fruit garden
  65. ride a horse on the beach at sunset
  66. attend the summer Olympic games
  67. write travel reviews
  68. go to law school
  69. anonymously pay for a patron's dinner every time I went to a restaurant
  70. give/do a charity donor pledge "match" for a ridiculous sum of money
  71. take my children to meet my grandmother in California before she passes
  72. watch 4th of July fireworks from an airplane
  73. selflessly serve others
  74. go on an African safari
  75. hear the words "well done good and faithful servant"
  76. learn to tango
  77. make a difference
  78. be in a parade
  79. gut and remodel an old home
  80. tithe
  81. keep a daily gratitude journal
  82. make and have a collection in an art gallery
  83. read a book a week
  84. take a long trip via train ride
  85. fly the high trapeze
  86. visit and tour a castle
  87. design and sell a line of textiles
  88. spend a month in Hawaii
  89. get hair extensions
  90. sing in an 80's cover band
  91. refurbish an old "silver bullet" camper
  92. invite a homeless person to dinner
  93. earn an award
  94. be a bridal gown model for a photo shoot
  95. take my children to Sea World
  96. let my mother know often how fantastic she was and is!
  97. go on the Grand Canyon glass overlook walkway
  98. volunteer twice a month
  99. raise my son to someday be a loving, gentle, serving husband
  100. ... {this one is written in "invisible ink" - it's there, you just can't see!}
Thank you for taking the time to visit me!


  1. Running a marathon is on the top of my list too! I actually signed up for my first 5k for later this year, stepping stone! Newest follow from Moms Monday Mingle, cute blog!

  2. Great goals - so many match the ones that I have. You have lots of great ideas - I hope you can meet as many of them as possible throughout your years on earth. Start now!!

  3. I LOVE this list. I am in the process of making a life list myself. I need to get my dreams down on paper...it keeps things in perspective.

    I am your newest GFC follower from the Blog Hop. I am enjoying finding new blogs to check out. :)

    Hope you can come by sometime as well.

    The Things We Find Inside

  4. I totally need to finish my list... I'm a few things away. I LOVE the new look btw. Very you. I think.:)

    1. Thank you, Emily! I've actually already had the chance to cross a couple off and then added a couple more. If you know of anyone looking to update their blog design, I'm running a custom design giveaway...
      Have a great week!