April 23, 2012

fabric. fabric. fabric.

{chuckle} a few years ago i was at a fabric store in Phoenix with my grandmother. we were waiting in line at the cutting table when a young woman turned to my grandmother and asked "how do you start a stash?". she politely answered "i guess it just starts and builds from your first project, or buying small amounts of fabrics that you enjoy".

there have been no troubles building a "stash" here!

sometimes i wonder if i might have an addiction to buying fabric. {not really}. i love to look at fabric and "envision" what that fabric would perfectly make. my grandmother or mom on the other hand would pick a project and then seek out their fabric. unfortunately i "envision" much quicker than i can "make".  yesterday when i was at my grandmother's house i was looking at this {table cloth}and thought it would make the cutest skirt overlay for one of my girls {vision: a cute white linen tank sundress with a long skirt and this over the skirt portion}.  it would look adorable in pictures {in my head it does anyway}.

last night i stopped at JoAnn's for some elastic {and only elastic} so that i can finish some projects. two cuts of fabric later...my stash has grown {again}!  i saw this plaid fabric and thought it would be perfect for a little preppy skirt for my oldest daughter.  and the seersucker will be perfect for a pair of pants for "W" {i have yet to make him anything, so i'm excited to sew for a boy}.  it's a good thing my husband is going out of town for work - my project execution is always much more productive when he travels.

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